DIXI 5 Axes Machine configurations

DIXI Machines S.A. has supplied for, close to a century Horizontal Machining Centers and Jig Centers with unparalleled machine geometry. With well proven machine construction, thousands of customers successfully machined components from simple to complex precise cubical parts in both 4 and 5 axes machine configurations.
For any machining of parts in a 5 axes configuration the design of the machine bed and column is the key to assuring the optimum stability of the axes geometry and eliminating distortion.
This know-how was also applied to the DIXI DHP Series 5 axes machine design.

DIXI Machines S.A. offers a selection of pallet of 5 axes Horizontal Machining Centers, fitting your application.
DIXI DHP 5X Series and Jig Centers
Rotary Tilting Table (A and B Axes) features
-   APC Automatic pallet change
-   APC with integration into a FMS / FPC
-   Machining of complex components on 5 sides

Table on Table (B and C Axes) features
-   Automatic part loading
-   Machining of complex components on 5 sides

Special 5 Axes Configuration features
-   Automatic part loading
-   CNC Slide of Tailstock
-   CNC slide of Guide Bushing
-   Machining of special parts (Tooling etc.)

For further information specifically to your application for 5 axes machining, contact DIXI Machines, Ltd.